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WHOA! Time is flying by ......

Posted on July 22, 2014 at 10:45 AM
    Time has really been flying by!     We had an aunt, who when confronted with letting life pass her by, commented "I just wave hello as it goes by ..".    Well, we've been reaching out ant grabbing all the life that we can.    Yeah, that's a lousy excuse for waiting so long to talk on the blog, but's it's fairly true.   

Annis and I try to experience all in life that our bodies will allow.    Our brains emphatically endorse, but our bodies sometime can slow us.   Anyway, here we go.

The Thompson's Antique Center at Northwest Mall is still going well.   The road construction ( improved connection between 610, I-10 and 290 highways ) has hampered our foot traffic, but we're still managing to pay our bills.    The afore-mentioned jewelry purchase required that we lease additional space for a 'Jewelry Boutique".    The costume jewelry sells fairly well - but then, again, reduced foot traffic through the Center has slowed the selling pace of just about everything.   

Additionally, we've (Antiques Houston) leased even more floor space to create a "Lighting Boutique".  We offer small and large table lamps, floor lamps, lighted wall sconces, and chandeliers.   Naturally I was 'forced' to complement the space with a few choicer pieces of furniture, and comparable decorative antiques.  Actually, looks pretty good!  Come on by and check it out!

That's all for right now - but I'll be posting a little more regularly in the future.

As is said, "Stay tuned for breaking news!"   

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