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Riding the "Merry-Go-Round"

Posted on October 8, 2014 at 8:57 AM Comments comments (40)
Greetings, all.

     Why do we ride the Merry-Go-Round?    To catch the "brass ring", of course.

     Well, we have a lot of "brass rings" at the "Antique Center"  that haven't been caught yet.  Why is that?,  you ask?     Think high quality with a corresponding price.   Large Meissen, Majolica, porcelain table centerpiece, signed bronzes, original Chanel jewelry, 17th/18th/19th century fabrics and laces,  antique cast iron toys, 18th/19th c orientalia including porcelains/cloisonnes/bronzes, exquisite 19th c boxes, reliquaries, ... well, I guess you get the idea.    Most of the clientele that visit the "Antique Center"  haven't the knowledge or appreciation of antiques of these quality - and certainly are appalled at the value.

     So, what to do?    Expose these types of antiques in a venue that clientele visit that know and appreciate the quality of these types of antiques.


     We have leased floor space and display cases in the "Antiques & Interiors At The Pavillion", located at 2311 Westheimer at Kirby - right in the middle of the River Oaks area of Houston.  Our operational center will  remain for now at the "Antique Center", but we're placing our "brass rings" at "The Pavillion".

     "The Pavillion" is open seven days a week - come and view our "brass rings", as well as other dealer's "brass rings".