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Posted on July 26, 2014 at 5:04 PM Comments comments (37)
     Whoopee!    Good news!   The hanky / handkerchief sales have really been increasing. 
     Andrew and I acquire older and distressed handkerchiefs.   We check them for damages, then give them a bath in the "Vintage Soak" that well sell to brighten them and remove any staining.   Lightly press them.    Those that already have embroidered names or monograms, we starch, iron and seal package them.   Then we attach the sealed package to a card for display.
     Then handkerchiefs that have no embroidered initial or name, we place them on stretchers and use one of our three embroidery machines to add color-matching names and or initials to the handkerchiefs - then process them the same way to have them carded for display.
     Seemingly there have been customers repeating purchases of the monogrammed hankies / handkerchief such that we sell quite a few every week.
     Named or monogram hankies / handkerchiefs - you ask, "Why do people buy those?".   They work very well as personalized gifts, Mother's Day, Valentines, Easter, St. Patrick's Day, birthday, anniversary, sympathy - and even as a gift to treat yourself!
     AND,   thinking out of the box, we do the same procedure on hand towels, guest towels, napkins, pillow cases, sheets, cocktail napkins, etc.  
     AND, we are capable of offering commission services.    Bridesmaid handkerchiefs, Family of the Bride handkerchiefs, Flower Girl handkerchiefs, Mother-of-the Bride handkerchiefs.   Commissioned sets of napkins, cocktail napkins, pillow cases, etc.
     STOP BY any day of the week to view my linen / textile / antique lace boutique Antiques Houston's 'ANNIS' ANTICS", located in the Thompson Antique Center of Texas in Northwest Mall, HW 290 at HW 610, Houston.